Problems in a Project : as we Identify

  •     Project can offer a solution to its possible problems
  •     The project team is interested only in the end result
  •     No one is in charge
  •     The project plan lacks details
  •     The project is under budgeted
  •     Insufficient resources are allocated
  •     The project is not tracked against its plans
  •     The project team is not communicating
  •     The project strays from its original goals
  •     Solution To employ Project Management techniques
job management

Our Approach

Time Management

  •     Initiation
  •     Progress
  •    Completion & Close Out

Safety Management

  •     Safety Management Plan
  •     Implementation of standards as per guideline
  •    Safety Audit

Quality Management

  •     Quality Management Plan
  •      Implementation of standards as per guideline
  •    Quality Audit

Cost Management

  •     Project Cost Plan
  •     Change Orders
  •    Cost to completion

Our Simplified Approach Towards Project Management

Principal Roles

  •    Planning & Task Assignment
  •     Organization & Scheduling
  •     Directing & Project Controlling


Quality Management

  •    Quality Control
  •     HSE Management
  •     Communication
  •     Interpersonal Relationships
  •     Resource Management

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